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Licensed Professionals

Innovative Forward-Thinkers

In a post-pandemic world, we know better than anyone how important safety, production and efficiency is.

We founded this family-owned company to fill a need within the industry for skilled, knowledgable, professional workers with quality service and we are seeking to do just that. Ever since opening our doors, we've been committed to seeking the projects that will meet DBE, MBE, and Small Business goals, and seeking to partner with todays industry leaders in order to create jobs within the disadvantaged communities. We build using a comprehensive approach in order to provide a wide range of services for the projects we’re involved with.

From dealing with bureaucratic requirements to coordinating with subcontractors, Mathews General Engineering and Construction
™️ guarantees precise, timely, and efficient work. Contact us to bring your vision to life today.


One Man's Vision


Our Founder and CEO, Acie L. Mathews Jr. was born in raised in the most impoverished community in one of the richest cities in the world, Hunter's Point, San Francisco. He used his business acumen and knack for cultivating relationships to build wealth and extricate his entire family from the squalor in The City to the refinement and middle-class comforts in the East Bay. After returning to earn his diploma and building careers and businesses in several industries, he landed an opportunity to join the Operating Engineers Union, Local 3 as an apprentice and went on to become a Journeyman years later while earning his degree in Construction Management from San Joaquin Valley College.  During his 10+ years in the industry, Acie continued to advance in his career and hone his craftsmanship, experience, and leadership. Over time, he began to notice the lack of advancement opportunities for people of color, and more specifically black people, in the construction industry and decided to become the change that he wanted to see. This was the catalyst for Mathews General Engineering and Construction™️ as we know it today. A one-of-its-kind construction company that prides itself on being innovative and inclusive as well as Safety focused, professional, and reliable.

Construction Workers
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